Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Remember when I had won a scholarship and had also made some paintings and I didn't have any real good pictures of those paintings?
well, I've got them back now and I scanned them, here they are!

also, as you might have noticed; I'm not very active on blogspot nowadays, I am quite active on facebook however! check out my page, if you haven't already;

Sunday, 20 April 2014

a blog post and a beach

hi everybody, it's been quite a while (almost two weeks) since I last posted on this blog, sorry sorry! I've actually been posting on my facebook page mostly these days, I guess I feel less obligated to only post really 'good' work there. But don't worry, I'll continue to update this blog with my rambling stories of which I'm not too sure if people read them.. does anyone (besides my grandma and aunt) read them? 
anyways, here is a ..painting... Can I call stuff like this paintings? because they look more like paintings than like drawings but I'm doing them with copic markers. But you could say those are some sort of brushes, so that'd make it painting instead of drawing.

Well, I've written enough to make this a blog post rather than a repost from my facebook page's content, so that's handled (hey, gotta keep some difference so people don't feel scammed! you can now feel special for reading my blog which has a lot of text, which my facebook does not have).

This work was based on some pictures of me as a 4 year old digging fashion (look at those cute and daring pants, with colors reminding of sailors, how suitable to wear at the beach!!!) and digging in the sand at the beach.
I know.. the blue sky looks weird, with all the obvious stripes, but I really couldn't manage to even it out. I do really like those clouds! :)
The heaps of digged up sand looks dirty though, I didn't succeed in finding the right way to make those. :(

date: April 18th 2014
size: 20 x 20 cm
media: copic markers on canvass

Monday, 7 April 2014

Digital comics

Recently, I've began to start drawing comics in photoshop, because in the long run, it can be more efficient, plus, I want to increase my set of skills. But for now.. I'm still looking for my own style (as you can see) and these comics took a whole lot longer than the ones I draw on paper.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Short; Sometimes

Since I've created a facebook page, I've been working on that a bit more and sorta forgot to update this blog, but to make up for it, I'm posting some of the line art I used for my latest short 'Sometimes'.
drawn with a Monami brush pen.

And of course, the short itself.

This story is shown as a someone's monologue.
While walking on the beach alone, our protagonist thinks back about his ex girlfriend.

I wanted to leave it a bit vague as to what his real feelings are.

My own interpretation would be that he did care for her but wasn't sure whether it was love, and he didn't know how to handle it. His girlfriend probably noticed and eventually left. Then he could be feeling down because she left, or maybe it's not so simple and he is down because he is confused about his own feelings. It's a weird and often somewhat depressing experience to not know your own feelings or to feel detached from those feelings.
But maybe his heart was broken, and he's trying to convince himself that it's okay, because he probably didn't love her.
Maybe he is trying to attack her, even though he will probably never say or write these things to her.
Maybe he did love her but wasn't able to express it well and give her the love and attention she needed. For some people it's easier to love someone from a distance, as he says 'claiming to have loved you is so much easier than actually loving you'. And though it might hurt, being left, not having any pressure anymore, could be relieving.
And here's some line art. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Calvin, a good friend and not-so-great teacher

Like I said before; my friend Calvin is a designer. So, because he's such a nice guy, he offered to teach me a bit about adobe illustrator.

We ended up eating lychees and watching Regular Show and I forgot most of what he taught me that day.

(it wasn't all my fault that the 'lesson'  didn't go that well! it just fitted best in the comic to only show me being distracted)

now I am trying to learn Illustrator and while working in it, I consult Calvin, which works pretty well, so everything turned out great! :) no worries.

(speaking of, haven't done anything in illustrator for over a week.. I should do something again...)

oh! and I now have a facebook page which is still kinda empty with only some comics, but I'll fill it up soon! so if you've got facebook, please like my page! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

grandma's birthday

Yesterday my grandma celebrated her birthday. My present to her was this painting:
it's my cousins and brother and me during a skiing vacation.
(I know it looks like I am not wearing any pants but I actually was. I had rolled up my trousers' legs.)

My grandma actually told me to make her a painting. I would probably have made her something anyway, but she did act a bit pushy. haha.
It started when she saw what I'd given my mum for her birthday....

(sorry, do those party guest look kinda creepy? I was just trying to make them into a background...)

okay, this last one's false, she did not mail me about it too. But hey! it's Lychee again!

(and a sneak preview of an upcoming comic! because.. the paper in this sketch book is thin and I only realised that

Saturday, 8 March 2014

some of the many faces of Evan

A while ago, I sent my friend in America a letter, and also.. a drawing.
While the portrait (the one one the left for us) I made of him before resembles him too, this shows his true being more, in my opinion.

Lae178 presents some of the many faces of EVAN (멋있게!)

My friend Calvin helped me by advising me about the handwritten fonts and suggesting names to assign to Evan's beautiful beautiful faces. (which is great, because he knows that kind of stuff, seeing as he's a designer at Pavlov Visuals!)

This is kind of what Calvin looks like by the way, except I might have made him look a bit chubbier and more like a hobbit. (his words, the hobbit part.)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

introducing Lae

So my friend Robert, the composer, took me to a party and he was really nice, praising me like that but.. I mean come on! We were talking with Lukaz Guzman and he was wearing this ring he made himself and it was so amazing (I would say pretty but that seems kinda odd for an animal skull iron ring) and he had facial hair and looked like an artist and well, I'm just some kid that draws.

Besides, I truthfully do not really know WHAT I'm doing. But one day I might find. Or not, life's a mystery!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

a happy birthday to my mother!

Today it is.. my mother's birthday!
For reference; this below is my mother. (drawn for Christmas last year, she said I'd made her hair too dark black, making her look younger and prettier. hihi. she totally looks like this though, ask anyone.. except her.)

As a present I prepared this ..drawing/painting.. work! I prepared this work for her, it depicts my brother and me when we were younger (obviously). I based it on a photograph, did change a bit to simplify the whole composition.
Because I was doing this, I had been browsing through our old photo albums, quite fun. (this would explain for my facebookfriends and instagram followers (android178) why there's been pictures of young babyfaced me popping up.)
My mother liked it a lot, as did my grandmother, who immediately suggested I make her something like this too for her upcoming birthday. So there might come even more kiddie pictures on my social media.

I only made a scan after finishing the figures, but if you want to see how this quite plain background came to be.. click on 'read more'! ;)

Monday, 24 February 2014

A good joke

I actually also made comics about that same afternoon that happened before this, but I haven't scanned them yet.

And yes, I like that joke too much. I probably told it way too many times too.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Joking around

I made this post to make something about myself clear to everyone;
I have a somewhat odd sense of humor.

This means that I will often say things that I do not mean, it's not necessarily cynical remarks, more just ..untrue remarks. Or I might think up some persona, for instance: I can sound shallow and self-conceited very easily (too easily I'm afraid one day I'll actually turn into such a person!) or I can make obviously stupid remarks. (I can make stupid and naive remarks without it being a joke too though!) When I claim that something has not happened and ask my friend to back me up, because 'she was there when it happened', I'm simply admitting that, yes, it did happen.

That being said, I always assumed that anyone reading my blog would surely understand my jokes! That is of course, a wrong assumption, the proof of my wrong being here is my own mother. She was remarking that I sounded somewhat arrogant in my post about that poster I made. Because I made it sound as if I was granting people to spent time with me, and that they should be honoured. Of course that'd be silly! I'm a normal person (well, not really, even my humor is abnormal already), I'm in no way a celebrity. That would simply be a way for me to state that when we have to meet anyways, we could chat and drink coffee for a bit.
I guess it is also that I assumed most people reading my blog were my friends (hi Colin) and people in the same kind of scene as myself, thus, people who ..'get' me.
That is also a wrong assumption, as I KNOW my most frequent visitor MUST be my grandmother. (She is an avid user of social media and the likes, we are also facebook friends.)

A while ago, I was confronted by the fact that my humor really is a bit out of the ordinary, when I was working through a temp agency for a few days, leaving my room for a change and meeting new people. I was trying to keep our monotone work routine interesting by joking around and chatting, but I often got weird looks back. (There was this one girl who did get my jokes, she was delightfully cynical.) At one point I felt I should tell them 'I think you are taking me a bit too serious.. I was not really excited by the boxes, that's just me joking around.'. (I got the reply 'oh.. okay.')

Well, I believe I've typed a big enough wall of text for now, I'm sorry for being so long-winded and I do hope SOMEONE (besides my grandmother and Colin) has read it, otherwise my message would be lost and those who think I'm weird will STILL think I'm weird. (although, those who did read it all, might think so too.)
Please give me some feedback because I wonder if my writing is in any way readable and I would love to improve it for the sake of this blog's visitors!

Now enjoy these comics about me joking around, you deserved it (if you did read the text, if not, read it, please?).
(this one works better in Dutch though.. 'in de war' instead of 'confused')